Why I decided to build a busines around Sunglasses

So if you've read the "About Us" page on the website, then you know a little bit about how No4 Optics got started. But what was it about sunglasses in particular you might be asking. Easy answer. They are such a simple accessory that can change your whole identity!

Think about it... Whenever you put on a great pair of sunglasses, do you not feel like a different person? (don't lie) I know I do! Each different pair of sunglasses gives you a different persona. You can craft your look to become who you want to be that day. It's an incredible opportunity, what other accessory can do that?

Also I think sunglasses act as a mask or even a shield,... if you will. Hear me out. I'm typical a shy person in situations where I'm around a bunch of people I don't know (Beach, Pool, Concert, etc.), so being able to almost hide in plain sight behind a pair of good sunglasses is a nice way to ease into a situation. You put on the perfect pair of sunglasses and you almost feel invincible, like you're untouchable!

Hopefully you understand where I'm coming from on my logic, and I didn't just make myself sound like a crazy person. So if you get where I'm coming from, thank you! And if you don't, I'm not mad at you. But if you want to pick up a pair of sunglasses that will make you feel invincible, check out our Rebellion frames! Be good everybody

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