Atlanta Hikes!

So the past few weekends I've spent doing some hikes and trails around Atlanta that I thought I'd share with you guys.

Stone Mountain

The first hike I did was Stone Mountain. Now I've been there before, but I cheated and took the cable car up to the top. This time the plan was to hike up. We got off to a late start which meant we were hiking up it in the middle of the afternoon, not ideal since there really isn't much shade on the trail and this summer we've had record heat. But there was a breeze that made it mildly bearable. Now if you don't know the history of Stone Mountain I suggest you check it out here.

There are two things that I really enjoyed on this hike. The first, of course, is the view! Once you're on the top of the mountain you can see the entire Atlanta skyline, Buckhead included! And if you squint real hard at the small picture I've included you can see what I'm talking about. The second is the carvings you can see on the way up and down (and I'm not talking about the punk ass kids who scribble their name on the rock). If you pay attention on the steep (at points) climb up, you'll notice some pretty historical markings. Now in all my infinite wisdom, I didn't take any pictures of these carvings (really thought this "hike and blog about it" thing through). They were left by previous trips up the mountain, so you can see just how long ago the trail was established and who the first brave souls were to walk up to the top. 

Definitely a must for anyone in the Atlanta area!

Vickery Creek

The second hike was Vickery Creek, feel free to check out it's history here.

The trails are a maze that wind around the ruins of a Civil War area mill. Each stop provides a placard that tells you about the history of the location. Now I'm a big dork for history so I stopped and read every single sign I could see. The history tied to this area is just incredible, so I highly recommend you go even just to see the old mill. Cross the river by way of covered bridge and that's were the trial starts. Like I said there are plenty of trails to explore but they all end up back at the old damn, which these days resembles a waterfall. Now the history here is what really caught my attention, I kept finding myself imagining what it was like back in the 1800's and how remote it must have seem from downtown Atlanta.

But to be honest, what turned my off was the pollution (almost stepped on a dirty diaper trying to get a picture of the falls). There were old soda cans and water bottles everywhere, it's kinda sad that this is the way people will leave a historic site. But I'd say it's still worth a visit, and go early (beat the crowds and the heat).

So the next trip I want to make is to Tallulah Gorge, I've heard nothing but awesome things about it. I promise that when I go I'll plan it out a bit better and take more pictures that don't require you to squint to see things.

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