E-Commerce and Logistics

For a lot of entrepreneurs starting out the tough questions they face is how to handle e-commerce and logistics. The smartest decision I ever made was to partner up with Shopify and Shipwire.


Shopify is a e-commerce platform that offers plenty of ready made templates to choose from for your website. Each template is set up for payment capture and supports all major credit cards and bitcoins. Shopify also handles web hosting and will support your domain name. I promise you it is incredibly easy to set up and run your business on the Shopify platform. It took my roughly an hour to set up my website as you see it today, and I have absolutely no coding or design background. I'm positive they have a template that will fit your needs. 


Shipwire is a full logistics company, they handle everything from order placement to shipment. They will sink up with your website and store your inventory in their warehouses located all over the world. Shipwire will link up with just about any website and track all your orders, so when a customer places an order the warehouse storing that product automatically gets a notice to ship it, no action is required on your part. It truly is a "set it and forget it" platform. They'll even track your inventory and run certain reports for you. The real selling point for me was that it was all automated, I never have to enter an order manually unless I choose to.

I highly recommend you check out both websites and see if each platform is a right fit for your business. Having a fully automated e-commerce and logistical platform allows me the never have to worry about orders falling through the cracks and keeps my website operational 24/7. I hope you find this blog helpful.

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