So I've been in the South since 2007, and I think I've acclimated very well. However, there's one aspect to life in Atlanta that makes my New York roots come out. Traffic! So much damn traffic! Atlanta's traffic is an epidemic, and it absolutely drives me crazy! It doesn't matter which direction you're headed, or what time of day it is. It's a given that there will be traffic and if it's anywhere near rush hour, just walk because that will probably be faster.

I don't know why I feel like everyone should get out of my way and I should be able to drive as fast as I want, but I do and that's probably not going to change anytime soon. So this week when I was sitting in traffic and about to lose my mind, I had to take a step back and just laugh at what was in front of me. It made me remember that even in the worst of situations humor conquers all. The lady next to me was creeping pretty hard as I laughed at this

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