The Holidays.... I hate it

I don't know about you, but I hate the Holidays. Yes I understand hate is a strong word but in this case it's not strong enough. Let me explain.

First you have to go buy presents for like every person you ever met, it's ridiculous. A few years ago I stopped buying presents for people, I convinced them to spend their money on themselves and I'll spend my money on myself. That way everyone gets what they want and nobody is disappointed in a crap gift. Personally I think it's a brilliant plan but not everyone has bought into it.

Second, you have to travel. Whether you drive or fly it will be awful, I promise you. Driving is awful because of the traffic and cops trying to make their quote before the end of the year. If you decide to fly then you can look forward to long security lines, packed airports and the worst America has to offer invading your personal space. You can only hope that your flight doesn't get delayed or cancelled.

On a side note, the airport is the front-line of Gluttony. I truly believe some people are just too fat to fly.

Third, spending time with your family becomes painful. I like my family, I really do... but only for about two days. After that I'm just watching the clock until it's time to fly home. People bicker, complain about not getting what they wanted, dinners become awkward and when it's all over you won't want to see them for another year.

All of this is why I can't stand the Holiday's! I think next year I will just stay home and do FaceTime on Christmas morning instead.

(I realize in this post I'm not my usual upbeat self. I just got back from the airport and felt like venting all my frustrations. Deal with it.)

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