Inconsistant Blogs...

Sorry guys! I know awhile back I said I was going to blog on a regular basis, and I haven't... Not even close... So I want to apologize and tell you that I'm going to try harder!

Blogging is such a weird thing to do, is it not? It's hard to find the time or topic to write about and every time I'm writing a blog I'm thinking to myself "Is this a good topic? Will anyone even read this? I feel ridiculous right now. Why does anyone care about what I think?" So why do I do this? Because I want to bring you guys along for this journey! Entrepreneurship is such a crazy and fulfilling ride I wanted to bring you guys along so you have a first hand view and understand what it's like to work for yourself. 

So from now on you'll be getting a lot more blog posts about what's going on in my life and with No4 Optics! Here's a list of what I've been up to lately (and what has been keeping me from writing blog post recently): Trying to find a new apartment, finding a new warehouse, contacting new suppliers, thinking up new designs (frames and apparel), collaborations, growing my Instagram following, and pool days (it's summer here in Atlanta so naturally I want to hangout by the pool).

I know these are some pretty terrible excuses for not blogging, and even as I write this I realize that some of them would probably be good topics to blog about. So I promise to get better at this blog thing and start bring you guys content that you care about! And if I start slipping just let me know it (as politely as possible, after all I'm trying remember...).

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